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  1. You are going to do fasainttc – just look how organized you are! I wish I could be more like you are with all the details. Remember to have fun, and take lots of pictures for your kids to remember their home by! -Andrea

  2. dit :Ce n’est que la deuxième édition et à cette occasion, nous avons rajouté 2 nouvelles catégories! Nous aimerions élargir le concours à toutes les passionnées de couture…alors patience patience..Sylvie.Merci pour votre engouement et votre commentaire.A bientôt

  3. 100% de acordo Pippo.Os "visionários" afirmavam que novas sociedades orwelianas vinham a caminho com o desenvolvimento tecnológico que controlaria tudo e todos, mas essas mesmas sociedades estão a matar as nossas democracias através da economia, sistema judicial e comunicação social controladas por uma determinada elite ou conjunto de interesses. A tecnologia é apenas um meio.CumptsManuel Santos

  4. adams:3x50x30= 4500sf. 196k /4500= ~$44/sf?Am I understanding you correctly? Seattle dwellers would be hard put to get a dried in shell for that. [for many reasons,not trying to be snobbish]It costs a lot to build here, as it does in many coastal cities.Don

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  6. want to go so badly whenever i go to america the one place i love to shop is forever 21 and when i found out they were opening stores in the uk i was so excited but i haven't been able to go to them yet because they are too far away 🙁

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you…I will be putting this on my blog (with credit to you, or course!). I have gotten into it with the “neurodiversity” folks who think their quirks and genius are what we are trying to cure. Our kids are suffering from a very real medical condition and mainstream doctors don’t understand it or give a damn. Mahalo Nui Loa…

  8. Essentially this means we could be experts in anything in 2 years if we work on that specific thing for 13.7 hours a day.So, if the average lifespan of the UK person is 77 (Mean of man and woman), and we start at 14, each person could be an ’expert’ in 31 different fields.

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  10. Obama was exposed tonight. He had no reporter to cover for him, no fan club to make his case for him. Just point against point and he doesn't ahve a clue. Obama: Tax credits for shipping jobs overseasRomney: I have been in business 25 years and have never heard of such a thingObama: SilencePoint: His entire schtick is bullshit talking points. He has no idea how the economy works

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  14. Hello Luca,It would be very useful if you made a video showing in detail how you use Assimil. I know you wrote and article outlining the general method, but a video of YOU showing exactly what you do, step by step (perhaps over several lessons), would be very helpful. As a scientist I know that specific techniques are all about little details, and I think we are missing the details of your L2->L1->L2 method.Thank you for your videos and website. They are very useful.AML

  15. “It is almost as if a signal has been given and a plan is being implemented by an organized community, as it were.” One does begin to fear this is the case. It could be the beginning of the end of the Church in the West if we don’t wake up before it’s too late. The New Evangelization is surely the answer, but should have been well underway twenty years ago.

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  18. Ji… ha ! Shri Gopal Babu Goshwami abhi bhee hamari uttarakhand ki bhoomi ke kan-kan main smaye hai. Unke gaaye geet gao abhee bhi ghasyari ke mukh se sune ja sakte hai. Humne unke geet bachpan se unte aye hai. Unka ek geet jo mujhe bahu pasand hai “Rum Jhuma Barkhaa Lagee, Barkha Saun Bhado Masa”.Thankyou.

  19. Tam *was* speaking Tamarese, in my humble (studied) opinion.Looking the instructor dead in the face with effort (note when he starts to instruct into the weapon/table/floor) so as to avoid missing something criticalThe probably by now reflexive chamber check flip stating "No bang, next action:"And, of course, the full auto grin cracking through what was likely a controlled burn from what appeared to be very, very basic instructing geared towards newish shooters.Yeah, I may have disappeared from the biz for longer than anticipated, but all the memories are still fresh.

  20. Fascinating post, thank you. What a unique way to look at a surprisingly entertaining film… I think I’m going to enjoy it even more on second viewing!On another note, my boyf has a similar style to Phil (he’s a huge varvatos fan) & i think he’d love any info on the Organic shirt as well.

  21. Les yeux:Pour ma part, c’est son invitation à France Inter pour le 4 février qui m’interpellait. Pour quoi y aller si on a pas ou peu de chose à dire, alors que la semaine suivante tombe un… 11 février jour où elle dévoile les grands axes de son programme? Cette invitation m’est apparue tout de suite illogique, je suis heureux qu’elle l’ait annulé.Et puis pas de catastrophisme, le premier tour est encore loin.

  22. JoyTracy, I do see your pain when I see you at the gym..(the pain from your pelvis and the pain from not being able to move your body as you would…)I am truly worried about you…and pray for you.I only saw you twice at the gym…but I can tell that you are a great teacher.I love you to be the teacher for my children.I think…maybe…you are supposed to learn a very hard thing from this health issue.Somehow you will have to figure out to teach them without moving your body…somehow…I will pray for you.

  23. well..it seems to me, that it is only speaking from one side. if,i push a man that i care for away, with the intent of letting him go, then he re emerges,only to do the same to me, then it is a constant affirmation of love but it is also extremely painful to endure for both parties.the instability of this “test” i think leads to a lot of depression and stress,but it also shows that love,true love, is WORK.it takes work,heartache,headaches, risk of loss and risk of failure in order to learn the opinions and thoughts of the other person in this tug of war we call love.

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  25. Riguardo al film di Totò, hai colto una verità profonda su queste terre di frontiera adriatico-balcaniche e cioè il carattere bilingue di queste popolazioni. Niccolò Tommaseo diceva il dalmata non è nè italiano nè croato, ma l’uno e l’altro insieme.Del resto lo storico Ernesto Sestan, oriundo istriano, diceva che ognuno è quel che crede di essere….ciao

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  27. thanks for posting this video, it sure is going to help me when i get the whey pierotn that i ordered, i usually eat oats at breakfast but since the flavour ain’t that nice i usually take up to 30 mins just to eat a bowl, i hope that when i mix the whey pierotn it tastes better , since its strawberry flavoured

  28. :Было бы замечательно, думал о бейджиках, но нет «административного ресурса» чтобы это все воплотить. Вполне достаточно будет рукописных бумажек с булавками (и с активной ссылкой :-0)))

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  31. Monkey – “Ask around; do you anyone who is really PROUD to be a Catholic?” You left out the word “KNOW”, that’s your problem – you must not KNOW anything to make a stupid statement like that! To make a remark that demeans someone else’s religion is really sad statement on your upbringing and shows a lack of understanding and why secularists have no compassion for anything except their point of view!

  32. Lubita, tu esti asa draguta, de fiecare data…este adevarat ca e nevoie de indemanare si rabdare dar nu e asa greu crede-ma. Eu am avut ceva de lucru aici, deoarece mi sau strans multe albusuri, dar cu o cantitate mai mica, nu e greu deloc, poate incerci si tu? Pana atunci te servesc eu :)cu mare drag!!!pupici

  33. I am really glad that you and your husband enjoyed the post.O couldn’t enter the treasury because there are excavations under it, the found out that the road we now walk on is not the original road. The original road is 6 m under the buildup of sand and rubbel so there is so much to discover.Maybe next time I will be able to go in

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  35. To the Good Reverend – again, continue to believe your own bull.And by the way, I already have 'a real job' thank you very much. I actually make 3 times the rate of national median income. I also have a bachelors in physics. I make my living leading complex projects in healthcare that you probably couldn't grasp I bothered to explain them to you. Not bad, for a "pompous, know-nothing ass".

  36. I can read it first. Good to hear a positive review before I start! I'm interested to hear how Tracy Emin's book is, too.The glasses look grand, with your eyebrows especially they make you look like you're weighing up whether or not you should say the witty observation you've just thought up.

  37. Thank you sweet Kelley. Knowing that we, as parents , need to remember that there are children that survived this horrific event. It helps to remind our own children that because of the brave adults many other students did survive. The sweet, innocent children and brave adults that did become angels that day will never be forgotten.

  38. Marie,‘Le Livre qu’il faut avoir lu, n’est ce pas celui qu’on n’imagine pas de ne pas relire une fois avant de mourir? ‘ Très juste remarque. Bravo.@exactitude,j’ai répondu à vos accusations de dogmatisme et de malhonnêteté intellectuelle sous « un romancier turc ».@henri,merci pour ce franc éclat de rire!

  39. – given the state of play in Oz politics Assnage’s capacity to piss off the major parties very likely is a winning strategy. He’d be running for a senate seat, might knock off a Green, but certainly would liven up the Upper House. Moreover, if he is excluded from standing there is a possibility that his mum might stand and succeed on the basis of name recognition alone.

  40. Kate,I absolutely love this anniversary session of you, your hubby, and Lindor!All of them are fabulous, but I’ve got to say, some of the ones including your cozy plaid blanket are my favourite – the ones of you walking through the field – LOVE!

  41. Ok I read the article above, it has nothing to do with anything I've been saying but it is interesting.Maxwell's Demon would work if the demon had true free-will Рso that his actions weren't constrained by schr̦dinger evolution.Isn't that how we've made so many fucking low-entropy things on Earth? Do you think industrial machinery and vehicles spontaneously come into existence elsewhere in the universe without conscious life and free-will?

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  43. Sorry, almost everyday! And yet now it is even more inspiring seeing the journey your health has taken you on and your optimistic and positive outlook and dedication to pursuing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I hope my kids can find similar qualities in their mother as they grow.

  44. Passion for learning, ability to read, and a over-reaching imagination. Also, my husband’s Irish!Much of Vermont was settled by the famine Irish – they built the railroads, mined the quarries, created churches.The novel came from a dream – with a bit of research I found ancient Ireland was the perfect setting.

  45. #241 – Most of my staff do not have kids and commute on public transportation via monthly ticket. Telecommuting uses more fuel as they will be home blasting AC or Heat.Sometimes your deductive leaps are truly staggering./golfclap

  46. So, how did I overcome my fear of being negatively judged by others?  I slowly opened up to more and more people and realized that they didn’t leave me after I shared my story with them.  They weren’t disgusted or horrified, as my imagination dreamed they would be.  Instead, they were incredibly compassionate and understanding.  The people I opened up to taught me how to be kind and respectful to myself.  They showed me that I needed to love myself first.

  47. This unashamed feel good ad has caught the mood of the nation. (2 million views and rising.)It makes people happy when the world conspires to make them sad.Unlike the bitter comments on this blog.Advertising is not how clever you think you are, but how you make people feel.

  48. Sì, R+G di Luhrmann mi piace molto. Non è tra i miei film preferiti, ma senz’altro è un’opera degna di nota. E si fa sempre riguardare con piacere. Ceres, non so dirti molto su “Exorcist the beginning”, anche perché non sapevo nemmeno che fosse già in circolazione, e perché sono poco aggiornato sui vari smanettamenti di regia tra l’ottimo Schrader e il pessimo Harlin… Mi sa che sarai tu a dovermi informare (soprattutto… ma dov’è?). Comunque ho letto su un newsgroup che non fa ‘sta gran paura, se è quello che cerchi…

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  51. Just to pile on, I echo the comments that this was a great event! I am so impressed, both by the museum in front and behind the scenes and by all we learned about the effort involved to move the museum. Like Frank, I saw enough to know that I have to go back, soon! If only to try the ski jump!

  52. Nope, non-prole Angelenos above about 25 aren't in any hurry to associate with the proles on the subway. It's still going to be a car culture for a long, long time.Even when gas costs $7 – 8 a gallon?Israel will probably attack Iran by spring. Could a blockaded Persian Gulf get Angelenos out of their cars?Nah, the right kind of people will still be able to afford to drive even if that means they cut back on sushi or Yoga lessons.

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  58. HoiiiiIk liep een beetje achter met een aantal blogs maar ben weer helemaal bij lezen. Ik volg je al een tijdje maar misschien niet vaak een reactie achter gelaten. Nou bij deze.Gefeliciteerd met je 1e blogverjaardag, hartstikke leuk joh. Graag zou ik me ook willen opgeven voor je give away. Wat een gave borden zeg ! Ik kan haast geen keus maken. Eerst maar eens afwachten….duimen maar…..Wie weet. Groetjes , Linda

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  60. 21 février 2011 Oui. Ne t’en fais pas j’ai bien vu tes avant-après Et comme tu le dis, c’est plus de l’image / infographie, que de la photo, mais çà reste chouette ! Mais en tant qu’amateur de photographie, je suis nettement moins à l’aise avec tes oeuvres


  62. i too have longed for ‘Componibilis’ for many years now my heart desires the 4 tier design. so jealous you have not one but two! it defo looks great in the bathroom > enjoy > live the dream 🙂 good design for life yo.

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  64. DJ, it is "fucking", not "fuckin'". Please make the appropriate effort to enunciate next time.You will have to stay after class and bang erasers if you do not wise up, and quick. Do you understand? And please put the hall pass back on the desk where it belongs before you take you seat. Thank you.

  65. I couldn't agree more! At 35, I am only more aware of my constant dependance on Christ. Just going over the first catechism question (again) with my 6-yr-old son hit me like a ton of bricks: my purpose is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. I get caught up in doing this and that for God, or to be a better Christian. He's already done everything for me, to him be the glory forever! Yes, I want to be more consistant in my spritual walk, but none of those things are what make me or my family more holy. Only the work of Christ does that. Everything else is a privilege.

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  67. god i love you. this is perfect and completely summarizes my thoughts on life as it stands today (particularly the facebook wedding / baby overload that I love so dearly…can’t they invent a ‘block’ button for any post with the word ‘hubby’ or ‘baby’? Dont think it’s too much to ask.).


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  70. Well George has lied several times. “I’m never making the sequels. Yes I am. No I’m not. There were 12 films originally. No, just 6. Well, 9, but I’m stopping at 6. No I’m not. Just that I don’t have stories for anything past 6. Yes I do. No I don’t, but I still sold them to Disney anyway.”Disney did buy his story notes for 7-8-9 by the way, but they don’t have to use ‘em. And there’s no guarantee that it would be any good if they did!

  71. Mr. Knish you have been watching too many Raid On Entebbe films. Israel does not have the capability of taking out Iran’s facilities by air strikes. If she could she would have done so a long time ago. The element of surprise is gone and only a sustained 30 day attack by the Unites States can accomplish that. Right now (until a new government takes over in D.C.), assassinations and computer sabotage are the way to go.

  72. yet-pump the brakes. Fast. This should help keep you from going into a skid or off the road. This one saved my ass when Madison WI clusterfucked their plow job after a massive blizzard in early December.I’ve lived in NE Ohio, all over Michigan, and southern Wisconsin. Only place I’ve been where anyone was able to drive in the snow properly was the upper peninsula of Michigan.

  73. I would have deleted my account a long time ago…but there’s only an option for “deactivate”. So, what’s the point? Now my whole family uses it, and it pretty much replaces email and such. If that reconnected friend doesn’t put forth the effort to keep that connection beyond facebook, then maybe they really aren’t friends. Or mauve facebook makes the friendship more convenient.

  74. I love this BOX! You guys are so family oriented and really love to help and see your members achieve their goals! You guys make it soo much fun to WOD! It feels like home away from home. Super great vibe and can’t forget to mention I’ve lost 17 pounds!! Thanks IC… Proud of you guys!

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  76. Goed zo!Paddestoelen zijn natuurlijk ook gewoon zalig! Ik verheug me op de markt morgen: op de biologische markt op de Nieuwmarkt (zaterdag in Amsterdam) staat altijd een erg fijne paddestoelenkraam. En dit herfstige weer is erg geschikt om paddestoelen te eten!

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  78. Lo desconozco porque no me he metido a indagar, pero si como indicas, el problema era de los “proveedores de enlaces”, no es problema de facebook, si no de los DNS a nivel mundial (ni desde los de Google, que los tengo yo puestos, funcionaba)Seguro que si la empresa del amigo Mark ha perdido pasta por esto, ya están litigando a los culpables.

  79. I haven’t seen Avengers yet, but I just wanted to say that, as a fellow non-fan of Whedon (non-Whedon fan? I don’t know how to term it), I’m always a bit pleased when I find someone else who shares the same view. That’s not to say that I dislike his fans or anything, but as you say, the ”superfan evangelism” (for ANY fandom) can get very cloying and annoying.

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  100. That was hilarious as usual, but am I the only one who wasn’t completely squicked out towards real-life pregnancy by this book? I’ve never been pregnant myself, but I know it’s not anything like that, so I just separated them without realizing it. The whole chomping your way out of the womb thing did squick me out MAJOR in a fictional way, though. xD

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  132. Thanks, Gay– it has been a bit daunting and troubling to have so much “free” imagery come pouring into my psyche by virtue of the fact that this very nearby raging fire has displaced 100 families and counting. I hope that I have given voice in part to what others are living…xxxj the mortality lesson brought home in spades. xxj

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  145. May I ask, Do you know that Jesus took the hit for all our sins past, present and future on the Cross? Or that He is the Author and Finisher of our faith? Or that the Holy Spirit takes up His abode in your heart as a “down payment” on His promise of eternal life? And you would attribute this awesomeness to a hurricane just to take a snipe at Republicans.

  146. Awesome! Cant't wait to see your progress through the summer season, its to bad this happened I was looking forward to watching you at Chuckanut next weekend. good luck with your season!

  147. FogbraiderWhat about Terry Pratchett’s insight in various books set in Ankh Morpork – that the undead etc are unassimilated immigrant minorities? I can’t be bothered to watch the Twilight films, but from what I’ve picked up by osmosis – those vampires as Muslims. Maybe that slightly exotic guy your daughter fancies is an ordinary hard-working bloke. Maybe he’s a sleeper waiting for a chance to kill her – or at least convert her to an alien way of life.  

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